Unsolicited comments from members....
(edited slightly to protect the guilty!)

"My wife and I joined after noticing the display of photos near Waitrose in Malvern before Christmas and we are still easing our way in yet, but I have to say that our joint membership has been the best value for money we have spent in donkeys years, beginners classes, specialist nights, generally excellent Thursday nights and all very inspiring"

"(With apologies to Carlsberg....) Just a few reflections on our club and without mentioning any names. On Thursday through the excellent sales section of the club website I purchased a camera from one of our members at a very reasonable price and was given lots of tips and encouragement in its use. I arrived at The Vale in the evening and before I got through the door another member presented me with a print of an image I had admired in a club competition. Once inside another member exchanged details with me as he had offered to come to my house and help me through the learning process of Lightroom which I have just purchased. The lights are dimmed and I am then treated to some excellent print photography. We retire to the Great Malvern Hotel for 'refreshement' where several other members offer advice on my new purchase. As I'm leaving another member insists on me borrowing his very expensive lens to try and forces it into my coat pocket.

Probably the best camera club in the world? "probably" about it!"

From a new member - "A big thank you to the committee and members for making me and other new members feel at home and not like outsiders"

From a 'lapsed' then 'returned' member - "Thanks for you help over the last couple of weeks and your welcome back to the club"

From a visitor - "I very much enjoyed the talk by DC last night. I also wanted to mention what a warm and friendly welcome both my wife & I had."

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