Currently, the club has 120 members with a wide range of interests and abilities.
We always welcome new members at ANY skill level and we offer to help you improve your image-taking capability.
Why not come along on a Thursday night to see what we're like?
There's no commitment to join straight away: it'll cost you a few quid to try us out. More info can be found here.

Membership of the Beacon Camera Club
Any member of the public is invited to join our club - there are no pre-qualifications.

We offer four classes of membership:

Single, full membership - £30 for 6 mths, £55 for one year, £105 for two years
Entitles the member to all club facilities and as we now run for 51 weeks of the year this means that you pay less than 75p per week!

Dual membership - £55 for 6 mths, £100 for one year, £190 for two years
All club facilities, available to two people living at the same address

Student membership - £5.00 per year
All club facilities, available to a student undergoing full-time education - less than 10p per week!

Remote membership - £10 per year
Full forum access but no meeting attendance but allowing entry only to all Club competitions

Also, you can opt for

'Trial' attendance at meetings - £3 per night
No forum access, no competition entries, maximum 4 visits before becoming a full member. HOWEVER, please note that some evenings are NOT available to trial members.

There are several evenings in our season which are presented by Big Name speakers at no or very little extra cost to full members. Most of these evenings are NOT available to trial members or members' guests. If you add up what it would cost you to see these speakers at other venues, you wil lfind that it is CHEAPER to join the club and the knock-on bonus is that you will benefit from everything else that the club has to offer.

The subscriptions run for the stated period from your date of joining. Any increases agreed at an AGM will take effect at your next renewal.



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