2017-18 Season

Peter Richardson (PeterR) will head this group which intends to expand the skill of those interested in landscape photography. Group meetings will include discussion and occasional field trips.

2017-18 Season

Postby peterr » Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:26 pm

Landscape Group plans for the 2017-2018 season are:

September (Saturday 16th): Outing to Clevedon
To get some good shots of the coastline and pier with (hopefully) some good late afternoon and early evening light.

October/November (date TBD, but sometime between mid Oct and mid November): Outing to the Waterfall triangle in Wales. (Ystradfellte area).
Fantastic waterfalls, but entails some fairly arduous walking to get to them.
Likely to be a midweek event.

October-November: At least one autumn shoot on the Malvern Hills.
One will be early morning and possibly another one late afternoon.

December - February: At least one winter shoot on the Malvern Hills.
Likely to be late afternoon.

February-March: Outing TBD
Possibly Carding Mill valley or Lanttwit Major / Nash Point

April: Spring shoot on the Malvern Hills
Will be chosen to coincide with when the bluebells are out.

Plus three "Show and discuss your work" sessions. These will be opportunities to bring examples of your work (prints or DPI) to show and discuss with your fellow landscape group members. The first of these will be in November.

For all of the above, watch for details in this area of the BCC Forum and on the new on-line BCC Calendar.
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