Awards Night 2018-19 - Prints - 30/06/2019

Judge:  Michael Krier

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Colour Prints




First Paul Lack Rupert
Second Phil Morgan Blurred Vision
Third Anthony McDonnell Me Time
Commended Linda Marshall In His Element
Commended Ian Thompson Arctic Glow
Commended David Meredith Squirrel Lookout
Commended Ron Jones Red Kite Taking Food Off The Water Surface
Highly Commended Steve McGuire Harris Dawn
Highly Commended Linda Marshall Holy Water

Monochrome Prints

First Linda Marshall Predator
Second Anthony McDonnell Street Life
Third Paul Lack In The Man-Cave
Commended Linda Marshall Mind Your Manners
Commended Tony McDonnell Stormy Swirl
Commended Tony McDonnell The Flock
Highly Commended Ian Thompson Magnetic Pull
Highly Commended Linda Marshall Morning Ritual