The Committee

A volunteer is worth ten men (or women!) pressed...

As of the AGM in May 2020, the consists of the following posts and members, whose tenures commence after Awards night. It is responsible for the day-to-day running of the club and each committee member is a trustee of the club charity.



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The committee is elected annually at the AGM in May. Any full member (exc. remote and student) is elegible for nomination to a committee post.

All committe members give their time freely, there is no remuneration for any post.

Chairman Tony McDonnell LRPS chairman
Secretary Ruaridh Macdonald secretary
Treasurer David Meredith treasurer
Programme Secretary Colin Trow-Poole FRPS progsec
Summer Prog. Sec. Tony McDonnell LRPS summersec
Membership Secretary Colin Walls CPAGB membersec
Intnl. Comp. Secretary Ian Thompson ARPS compsec
Extnl. Comp. Secretary Cliff McFarlane extcompsec
Press and Publicity Penny Webb press
Members' representative Kerry McFarlane mrep1
Members' representative Bill Crouch mrep2
Webmaster Ian Thompson ARPS webmaster