Awards Night 2019-20 - Prints - 21/05/2020

Invited Critic:  Anne Sutcliffe FRPS

(Ranking is defined by scores from the members' judging panel)

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Colour Prints




First Steve McGuire The Pine
Second Steve McGuire The Marker Liverpool
Third Steve McGuire Pitigliano
Commended David Meredith Waiting For Mum To Come Home
Commended Bill Crouch Menai Bridge
Commended Ian Thompson Twilight Calm
Highly Commended David Meredith Starred Agama Lizzard In Kos
Highly Commended Steve McGuire Tranquil Swan
Highly Commended Peter Richardson Winter Reflections At Croome

Monochrome Prints

First Colin Walls Heavy Lifting
Second Jill Williams The Soft Option
Third Tony McDonnell The Tan House Inn
Commended Bill Crouch Cloisters Norwich Cathedral
Commended Steve McGuire Storm Dennis
Highly Commended Phil Morgan Jack D
Highly Commended Colin Walls Go Faster Stripes
Highly Commended Tony McDonnell Deserted