'The Decisive Moment' - Prints - 22/11/2012

Judge:  Brian Swinyard MA, ARPS

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Colour Prints




First Trevor Bell They Did
Second Peter Richardson Playing With Fire
Third Bev Williams The Point Of No Return
Commended Greg Mayers Is It Out?
Commended Tony Beale Little Egret About To Strike
Commended Greg Mayers Sunrise Wander
Commended Peter Richardson Dropped
Commended Gloria Beale Headfirst
Commended Malcolm Porter Forged in Flame
Commended Anne Bridgens Leap Of Faith
Highly Commended Tony Beale Only One Can Win
Highly Commended Peter Warner Are you ready?
Highly Commended Nick Browne Shutter Release
Highly Commended Mike Church Jumping Off The Mountain
Highly Commended Ian Thompson Run For It
Highly Commended Greg Mayers Breaking, Breaking, Broken
Highly Commended Ian Thompson Both!

Monochrome Prints

First Ian Thompson Ace?
Second Nick Browne The Decisive Moment
Third Cliff Williams A Close Shave
Commended Trevor Bell Of Course I will Darling
Commended Bill Fleming And They're Off!
Commended Peter Richardson No Turning Back
Commended Peter Warner Get out of the way!
Commended Ian Thompson Down the Line - Please!
Commended Trevor Bell Try Given!
Highly Commended Peter Warner Which way should I dive?
Highly Commended Nick Browne Heads I Win
Highly Commended Tony Beale Finishing Touch