The Charlie Williams Trophy Competition

Special Interest Group


Group Leader

Vicky Willis

The upstairs rear lounge,    The Great Malvern Hotel, Graham Rd., Malvern WR14 2HN

Meeting frequency:
   ....every 1st Wednesday of the month, August to April (incl)

   The above details are for guidance only: please be sure to check the programme calendar!

Vicky can be contacted by email -

Group description

This is a monthly, on-line themed competition for which - in memory of Charlie Williams (ask Vicky for the story!) a trophy is awarded annually to any member of the Beacon Camera Club who shows consistent excellence in image production over the period of a year. This is in addition to the Club’s standard programme of competitions. All of the participating members critique and score the other entrant's images and - along with invited guests - have the option of meeting on the first Wednesday of every month when the entries will be discussed and the monthly winner announced. The participants will give their opinions, make judgements and receive feedback to help the learning process, with the aim of taking better photographs in the future. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible.

There will be ten monthly competitions, starting in July and running through to the end of the following March. The collation and results of all entries will be made by mid-May with the Trophy presented at The Club's Annual Awards Night. The winner will be the member who has the highest cumulative average points score.