The Portraiture Group

Special Interest Group


Group Leader

Gareth Roberts

Meeting frequency:
   The third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

   The Beacon Room, The Vale Community Centre WR14 1FG

   The above details are for guidance only: please be sure to check the programme calendar!

Group description

The group covers everything related to people photography. We’re a social group and combine both the practical and theoretical aspects with the aim of improving your photographs.

Everyone is welcome and all input is valuable. Encouragement is given to plan and work on personal projects or themes which gives portrait work an aim and a purpose.

Meetings cover as many aspects of the genre as we can including; discussing personal projects, reviewing our work, seeking inspiration from work we admire, practical assistance (settings, lighting and working with models), processing and demonstrations. We try to incorporate sessions that help and guide you to improving your final results. Models are used on some occasions, with the cost shared by those attending on those evenings.

The sessions are lead by Gareth Roberts, an accomplished portrait photographer who aims to emphasise the enjoyment of the topic and help members grow in confidence in this area of photography.


Gareth can be contacted by email -