Nature & Wildlife

Special Interest Group


Group Leader

Simon Pugh

Meeting frequency:
   Generally monthly, sometimes fortnightly during summer months. Usually these are on Tuesdays with quarterly Saturdays in the mix to enable broader attendance.

Outside for photography trips (‘Wildlife Wanders’) typically visiting nature reserves across the Three Counties with occasional forays to more-distant venues with an overnight stay or two. We also have quarterly Zoom sessions to share and discuss images; offer constructive feedback and share techniques and insights etc..

Details of schedules and upcoming events are publicised via the Forum, emails and WhatsApp to those expressing an interest. These may change close to the date owing to  late new; species reports, weather etc., so please monitor closely if attending any events. Please be sure to check these and the programme calendar!

Simon can be contacted by email -

Group description

To seek out all forms of nature and wildlife, and to develop the best techniques for photographing them!