The Photo Café

Special Interest Group


Group Leader

Colin Walls CPAGB

Meeting frequency:
   Monthly - ad-hoc - see the calendar

The homes of various members.

   The above details are for guidance only: please be sure to check the programme calendar!

Colin can be contacted by email -

Group description

The Photo Café is not so much a group as a periodic - usually monthly - event. The idea is that a number of BCC members - and anyone is welcome - get together to talk about photographic matters in an informal environment with no agenda. Normally there are some "experts" on hand, who are very willing to assist members who have less experience in all areas of photography.

The goal is to have one Photo Café each month - though this is not a strict rule; we could have more or less, depending on demand and enthusiasm. They take place at different times and on different days, thus giving everyone, whatever their lifestyle and other commitments, the option to attend one at some time. Members are invited to host Photo Cafés, normally at their home, but it could be at any suitable location. The availability of tea/coffee etc. is a tradition, rather than an absolute necessity. If you would like to host one, just propose a date/time to Colin. It will be posted on the forum and publicised elsewhere. (Your address will never be published externally, only on the members-only forum.)

If you want to attend a Photo Café, they are listed in newsletters, the programme calendar and on the forum. They are free to attend and open to all paid-up BCC members. Ideally, you should post on the forum thread that you plan to attend and comment if there is anything in particular that you want to find out about. But just turning up is also fine; you do not have to come armed with a "problem" - coming for a chat is fine.