Open 1 2014 - Prints - 02/10/2014

Judge:  Ian Thompson ARPS

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Colour Prints




First Greg Mayers Coming In To Land
Second Doreen Bell Snowdon from Llanfairpg
Third Ray Collins Golden Oak
Commended Peter Richardson Kimmeridge Bay
Commended Anne Bridgens Keeping cool
Commended Anthony McDonnell Hidden Thought
Commended Anne Bridgens White Swan Green
Commended Bill Fleming Essence Of Spring Bluebells
Commended Caroline Mann A Ghostly Girl
Commended David Jackson Guitar Bridge
Commended Pat Strauss Sunflower Feed
Commended Steve Beats 2mm Circle Of Fossil Diatoms
Commended Margaret Collins Gannet Departure
Commended Doreen Bell Red Boat
Highly Commended Steve Beats A Pause For Thought
Highly Commended Tony Beale Ghost Riders
Highly Commended Bill Fleming Peeling Paint Abstract
Highly Commended Anthony McDonnell End Of The Day
Highly Commended Carl Day Golden Plover

Monochrome Prints

First Tony Beale Lindisfarne
Second Bill Fleming Follow My Leader
Third Stephen McGuire On A Mission
Commended Kim Walton Welcome
Commended Anthony McDonnell Just Time For One Last Fag
Commended Lisa Wills Face Full Of Character
Commended Trevor Bell The Printer
Commended Roger Backhouse Falls
Commended Geoff Fearnehough Liege Station
Highly Commended Peter Richardson Walking The Cobb
Highly Commended Stephen McGuire Best Foot Forward
Highly Commended Cliff Williams Classic Audi