Open 2 2014-15 - DPI - 23/10/2014

Judge:  Michael Krier MA

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Projected Images




First Michael Eades Blue Flower At Hidcote Gardens
Second Erica Brinicombe Contemplation
Third Trevor Bell Disconnected
Commended Richard Williams Ospre With Catch
Commended Bryan Mitchell Millie
Commended Andrew Legge Thickening Mist
Commended Kim Walton Devotion
Commended Rosemary Romans Oh Superman Just In Time
Commended Richard Williams Passing On By
Commended Margaret Collins Leveret
Commended Jill Williams Approaching Storm
Commended Bill Fleming Who Mixed The Seeds Up
Commended Greg Mayers Aerial Ballet
Commended Malcolm Porter Balistica
Commended Anthony McDonnell --Path Of Broken Dreams ----
Commended Geoff Fearnehough Rooted Down
Commended Kelvin Pulker Every Window Tells A Story
Commended Lynn Gill Ethereal
Commended Malcolm Porter Koran Scholar
Commended Peter GIll Common Lizard
Highly Commended Pat Strauss Having A Good Splash
Highly Commended Carl Day Slavonian Grebe
Highly Commended Geoffrey Trigg I Can See The Pub' From Here
Highly Commended Ron Jones Male Hawfinch
Highly Commended Matthew Day Lazy Day In Bed
Highly Commended Steve Beats Invasion From Outer Thegarden
Highly Commended Trevor Bell The Hourglass
Highly Commended Will Brimmell La Robe Rouge
Highly Commended Matthew Day Electric Guitar