Open 3 2014-15 - Prints - 12/03/2015

Judge:  Tony Winfield

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Colour Prints




First Brian Eacock Pair Of Goldfinches
Second Anthony McDonnell Melissa
Third Andrew Legge Poplar Woodland
Commended Brian Eacock Goldfinch On Teasel
Commended Greg Mayers Take Off
Commended Geoffrey Trigg The 39 Steps
Highly Commended Tony Beale Gloucester Cathedral
Highly Commended Matthew Day Lazy Day In Bed
Highly Commended Ron Jones Male Siskins Feeding

Monochrome Prints

First Anthony McDonnell Selfie
Second Geoff Fearnehough We're After You
Third Caroline Mann I Want To Be A Grown Up
Commended Anthony McDonnell The Courier
Commended Tony Beale Printer
Commended Geoff Fearnehough Seen Better Days
Commended Brian Eacock Tess
Highly Commended Brian Eacock Tide's Out
Highly Commended Geoffrey Trigg Tougher Than It Looked
Highly Commended Andrew Legge Standing Alone
Highly Commended Malcolm Porter The Player