Open 3 2017-18 - Prints - Advanced - 01/02/2018

Invited Critic:  Tony Byram ARPS AWPF DPAGB EFIAP

(Ranking is defined by scores from the members' judging panel)

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Colour Prints




First Linda Marshall Mission Accomplished
Second Peter Gill Chameleon
Third Stephen McGuire Mystical Old Hollow
Commended Andrew Legge Mist Icesolation
Commended Bryan Mitchell Tenby
Commended Phil Chapman Wells Scissor Arches
Commended Ron Jones Blue On Blue
Commended Ken Hurst-Earl Couplde
Highly Commended Tony Beale Team Wasp
Highly Commended Cliff Williams Hawk At The Exit
Highly Commended Peter Richardson High Tide Clevedon
Highly Commended Ron Jones Long Tailed Tit

Monochrome Prints

First Peter Richardson Duel In The Sun
Second Gloria Beale Hats Off
Third Cliff Williams On The Road From Hell
Commended Phil Chapman Ethereal Organ
Commended Anthony McDonnell Noodles
Commended Peter Richardson Double Negative
Highly Commended Stephen McGuire Room With A View