Open 2 2019-20 - Prints - Advanced - 28/11/2019

Invited Critic:  Colin Trowe Poole

(Ranking is defined by scores from the members' judging panel)

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Colour Prints




First Colin Trow-Poole On The Beach
Second Paul Lack Caroline
Third Tony Beale Westonbirt Acer
Commended David Meredith Orange Dropwing Dragonfly
Commended Kim Walton Last Light At Porth Nanven
Commended Kim Walton The Church At Gimsoy
Highly Commended Steve McGuire The Marker Liverpool

Monochrome Prints

First Paul Lack Arabella
Second equal Steve McGuire Lollipop Warrior
Second equal Tony McDonnell The Tan House Inn
Second equal Ian Thompson Deceptive Calm
Third Ian Thompson Heavenly Turmoil