Open 2 2013 - DPI - 24/10/2013

Judge:  Graham Walton CPAGB

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Projected Images




First Peter Warner Alone
Second Peter Richardson Eyes In The Grass
Third Nick Browne Glaslyn
Commended Trevor Bell The Dominant Female
Commended Jill Williams Sunset On Marloes Sands
Commended Ian Thompson The Midnight Wave
Commended Rosemary Romans Close-Up
Commended Carl Day Common Whitethroat
Commended Richard Williams A Foxy Lady
Commended Andrew Legge No Words Needed
Commended Nick Browne After Duchamp
Commended Nick Browne Llynnau Mymbyr
Commended Richard Williams A Pair Of Harvest Mice
Commended Andrew Legge Lets Rock
Commended Peter Warner Bus Station
Highly Commended Kelvin Pulker Nightshift
Highly Commended Richard Williams The Old Pro
Highly Commended Stephen McGuire The Path To The Sun
Highly Commended Jill Williams St Mary'S Lighthouse